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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Do Identitarians Want? Part 2

It is not possible to guarantee people absolute “human rights” and “freedom,” for example, because this is not an assessment of values, but a consensus to have no consensus of values. Without a social standard of what is valuable, society cannot function because it is directionless. 

Part 2 of 2 (Part 1 here) The original version can be found at Counter Currents. 

Essay by Brian Dewitt

Identitarians are against:


“In the light of history it will ever be regarded as a curious and temporary aberration of the human mind that great nations should elect a government to do a job and should then elect an opposition to stop them doing it. Fortunately, even in the wildest excesses of this transient mania, this delusion never spread to the business world, and no business man outside an asylum has yet been observed to engage a staff of six to carry on the work of his firm, and then to engage an additional staff of four to stop them doing their job. 
“Curious to posterity will appear the principle of creating at the same time a government to do the nation’s work and an opposition to frustrate it. . . . Yet this extraordinary harlequinade, in which nothing serious, in terms of the modern mind, is ever done, and little serious is even discussed, is today represented as the only means of preserving the liberties of the people.”
–Oswald Mosley, Tomorrow We Live

Welcome to the New West, Same as the Old West

The contradictions offered from this spectacle are riveting and its exactness in hypocrisy is on full display. Yet, the message on their part is unwittingly clear: Those who are against the West’s suicide are not welcome to participate at its wake. 

If you listen carefully we are being told that freedom of speech not only protects one’s right at saying all sorts of vile and insulting things but the ones who say them ought to be free of consequences and confrontation.

In all of human history since when have those ever been the terms? 

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Paris Solidarity in Insanity March

The Western mind is captured by a feel good Narrative and reinforced by feelings of guilt. Now the whole damn population is paralyzed.

President Obama (and his administration) is facing establishment backlash for not attending Paris's unity or solidarity or whatever rally. I have my own thoughts on the matter, which I will share later in this post. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

What Do Identitarians Want?

Identitarians are interested in preserving and creating the pinnacles of human achievement. Whereas a forced “eEquality” of judgment leads to a consumer society and mediocrity of production, Identitarians are concerned with what best represents each society and the highest and greatest artistic, scientific, and exploratory endeavors that can be achieved.

Essay by Brian Dewitt, part 1 of 2 and can be found at Counter Currents.

As Britons, European-Americans, or native Europeans, we are all instinctively aware that something is deeply wrong with our society. However, the language used to describe this problem is kept within the extremely narrow confines of mainstream conservatism.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Scorpion

A progressive hug is an embrace of death. 
Their kindness is cruelty. 
Their love, hate. 
Their word is venom. 
Their charity is a curse. 
I consider them my mortal and natural enemy, 
a plague, a wrath, an infectious horde 
that must be driven off a cliff.

To share anything with them 
is to invite betrayal and misery. 
They rebel against nature.
They rebel against man. 
They agitate, they hiss 
at the things established.

They strike at, they corner, they terrorize
and lay waste. 
No affections, no loyalty. 
No purpose but to inflict 
chaos, pain, and suffering. 
Always plotting and lurking for an attack.

the scorpion is shown
 the bottom of a boot heel. 

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Entitlement Programs As Nation-State Glue

What really happened during the New Deal tends to be papered over so much that almost everything written about it for contemporary consumption is a lie.
By Henry Dampier -- The original essay can be found at Quick Reactions.

State-national entitlement programs compete with the family as an organizing principle.
For nation-states to triumph over linguistic, ethnic, and religious differences, they had to outlaw the existing competitive economic, education, cultural, and social systems to replace them with centralized, progressive programs.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Hate in a Hashtag

Thus, the death of two innocent White hostages is devoid of social significance--or is at least secondary to the hypothetical inconvenience of Muslims. Whites are killed and yet they are still the villains. The devastation wrought upon children who have be told mommy isn’t coming home ever again is secondary to the courage and heroism displayed by someone using a hashtag premised upon something that didn’t happen.

By Gregory Hood -- The original essay can be found at Radix Journal 

Mourning in modernity continues to evolve. First, it was the candlelight vigil--a sentimental, ecumenical way to grieve, and more importantly, be seen to grieve, usually with lyrics from a pop song replacing the funeral prayer. Then it was a throwaway hashtag--something like #PrayforJessie, tweeted out by people who either don’t believe in God or believe in the fuzzy Morgan Freeman egalitarian deity of most contemporary churches. And now, we have the final step, where the victims themselves are forgotten, and questions of life and death possesses meaning only if they further a profitable Narrative. We commemorate the end of a life with a hashtag that has nothing to do with those killed.

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